Why Promantis Technology Group

As an authorized value-added reseller (VAR) for several of today’s leading technology brands, Promantis brings technology and experience together to provide you with unique IT solutions that are best-fit for your business
Our Products
Choose from today’s leading brands, such as Lenovo, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Cisco, Seagate, Net App, and Citrix. We carry more than 1,700 IT brands and more than 400,000 products. Our VAR services cover all aspects of your hardware, systems and software requirements. Leverage the solid relationships we’ve established through our distribution channels. With Promantis, you get the best deals on technology solutions that are tailor-fit to your needs.

Our Clients
Promantis is made up of IT experts and professionals with extensive experience in these industries. This has allowed us to specialize in fields where we can make the most difference

Find the good balance between risk and business opportunity with the Promantis Technology Group on your side.
Grow your business with reliable technology that’s within your budget. Secure, efficient and affordable
Security, stability and future-ready: These aren’t just requirements for effective governance; but also for the hardware
Technology ignites potential. Make sure you provide expansive opportunities to learn with robust and reliable systems.
Reliable, secure and protected – these are requisites for technology that the medical community relies on.
Accuracy and precision are crucial qualities of a pharmaceutical leader; and, it starts with the technology you employ
Our Brands
The Promantis Technology Group is an authorized VAR for leading technology manufacturers. We are your trusted partner for hardware, software and systems solutions that fit your budget and IT requirements. Choose from over 1,700 brands.
Leverage our expertise in specific industries, such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, government, education and more. We help you put together the best-fit brands and products for your IT requirements.

We carry top manufacturing brands

"The Promantis Technology Group is an NC-based value-added reseller (VAR), with products and services available across the United States. Promantis is an offshoot of the Promantis Inc., a technology consulting firm specializing in government and industries, such as health care, pharmaceutical, banking, retail and service"