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Dr Hande, Justice Jagadeesan, Nalli, Sathyamoorthy IAAS & others have come together to set up a SENIOR CITIZEN LOUNGE ( Day Care Centre) on Royapettah High Road. Elders can read & relax,play board games, watch TV, listen to music etc The centre will provide errand services,physio, periodical medical screening and weekly lectures on YOGA etc..

The centre promotes synergies with peers,intellectual stimulation and expanding social net work AND RESCUES THEM FROM SOCIAL ISOLATION AND BOREDOM.A little more than an army mess.

We FOUR would like to call on H.E.The Governor and reuest him to inaugurate the facility at his convenience any day after 18 Sep. A 15 min function to provide fillip to senior citizen welfare in the city.

Incorporation Certificate 80G Approved Certificate

Board Members

Justice Jagdeesan
Former Judge HC Madras President
Dr. H.V Hande
Ex Health Minister TN
S. Sathyamoorthy
Ex Dy CAG of India - Managing Trustee
Sundaram Prabhu
Chair. Azizi Bank Kabul - Treasurer
Nalli K Chetty
PAN India Nalli Silk
Sunil Ralan
JM Foundation, Chennai
Anita Subramaninan
Ohio University USA - Secretary
S. Shanmugasundaram
PR Dept. Govt. of TN
S.K. Choudhary
Dir Shriram Insurance
Prof. V. Balambal
Madras University

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Senior Citizen Day Celebration

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Upcoming Event

International Senior Citizen Day

  • The Senior Citizen facility "SMART & HAPPY ELDER'S LOUNGE"(SHEL) will be inaugurate by
  • Thiru.
    (Hon'ble Governer Of Tamilnadu) on October 1, 2018.

  • Chennai Age Care Centre, No: 68, Royapetah High Road, Chennai - 600 014.
  • +91 9810622208

Terms & Conditions

✅ The Sadan has full discretion to shift any inmate to any room, as per requirement of the Sadan.

✅ If any inmate is requested to leave the VARISHTHA NAGARIK SWEA SADAN, he / she will not have any objection.

✅ The inmate would be allowed to keep with him / her minimum luggage preferably up to two suitcases and one bedding.

✅ No inmate shall be allowed to keep firearms or weapons with him / her inside the Sadan.

✅ Food i.e. morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner will be served at the fixed hours only in the dining room. Room service will be allowed only for sick inmates and to those who cannot walk.

✅ If any inmate wishes to donate his / her body parts such as eyes, kidneys etc. or the body on his/her death in the Sadan, the same should be declared beforehand so that the Sadan may take appropriate action in time.

✅ It is to be understood that neither any inmate nor a donor enjoys any proprietary or other right(s), title or interest in respect of any room or over any part / portion of the properties of Manish Govil Memorial Trust or the Sadan.